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Cultivate Counseling Atlanta Georgia

what we believe

In 2014, we began pondering this question – how can we encourage the women of Atlanta as they pursue emotional, mental, and spiritual health? With that one question, the dream of Cultivate was born. After literally years of dreaming, we decided to step out on faith and courage and hold our first gathering for women on May 9, 2017. We did not know what to expect or if anyone would even show up, but in the end, we were blown away by the response and interest. Since that time Cultivate's continued growth led us to another question – How can we truly come alongside more women and put concrete action behind our mission to help women cultivate joy, courage and freedom. And once again, we were given an answer...    

Cultivate Counseling

In addition to our regular gatherings, Cultivate is thrilled to step into this new space of offering individual and group therapy services to the women of Atlanta. Our hope is to give the women of Atlanta the access and opportunity to step into the life they were created to live. 


What we believe...

We believe every woman deserves access to excellent counseling services.

We believe every woman should have the opportunity to live a fuller, freer life.

We believe who you were does not have to determine who you will be.

We believe everyone has the capacity to change if they are willing to surrender the old
and show up in the new.

We believe lies imprison us and the truth sets us free.

We believe when you discover your true voice, then you can cultivate joy, courage, and freedom in your life.

We believe emotional, mental, and spiritual health work together to create wholeness.

We believe life is hard, but we get to choose if those hard edges define us or shape us.

We believe you are worthy, not because of what you do, but because of who you are.

We believe in the power of quitting… knowing when to quit things that aren’t good for us.

We believe in the power of stretching… knowing when to stick with things that are stretching us.

We believe you can be healed and set free of your fears and burdens.

We believe you were born enough and worthy of love and belonging

We believe in YOU.


Cultivate Counseling Atlanta Georgia

Cultivate believes in the Ripple Effect


Cultivate was founded with the intention to start a ripple of change in our community.  What began with our Cultivate Gatherings has now grown into Cultivate Counseling because we want to reach and encourage as many women as possible in their pursuit of emotional, mental, and spiritual health. We know that when women are set free to live in the fullness of their potential, giftings, and strengths, they have the power to start waves of change in their communities.  We want to help women harness this power to positively influence those around them. 

Our goal is not just to encourage and support the woman sitting in our office.  Our goal is to encourage and support that woman so she can then spread joy, courage, and freedom in the lives of her family, community, and workplace. We want to help every woman start a ripple of change not only in her own life, but also in the lives of those around her. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, call (404) 624-6740 or email