Cultivate Counseling
Cultivate Counseling Atlanta Georgia


How do I schedule a counseling appointment?
If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, call (404) 624-6740 or email

How long are the counseling sessions?
Counseling sessions are 50 minutes.

Do you offer reduced fee/sliding scale counseling?
Yes! We believe every woman deserves access to excellent counseling, and we want to make counseling accessible to as many women in Atlanta as we can. To receive our reduced fee sessions, clients must qualify based on household income and/or extenuating circumstances. If for some reason we cannot serve you at Cultivate, we will refer you to another trusted counselor in the area.

Do you take insurance?
We do not accept insurance. If you would like to file for out-of-network insurance benefits, we can provide you a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company. Please note that filing a claim with an insurance company means that your therapist will have to give you a mental health diagnosis and this diagnosis will become a part of your medical record. Additionally, filing an insurance claim means your diagnosis, dates of service, etc., are no longer totally confidential, and your insurance company will be aware of your treatment and diagnosis. 
We do accept HSA (Health Savings Account) cards if you would like to use that for payment.

What is your office address?
3525 Piedmont Road
Building 7, Suite 408
Atlanta, GA 30305

If I am a current client, how do I login to the Client Portal?
If you are a current client, you can login to our Client Portal by clicking here.  You will need your username and password to do so.  If you have any questions, feel free to email  

Are you affiliated with the Cultivate gatherings held in the Atlanta area?
That’s us! In addition to the counseling center, Cultivate also holds gatherings every other month for the women of Atlanta. Our hope for the gatherings is the same as for our counseling center- to help women cultivate joy, courage, and freedom in their lives. Our gatherings include music, storytelling, speaking, and time for connecting with old and new friends. To learn more about Cultivate gatherings, go to We would love to see you there!

Is Cultivate Counseling a Christian counseling center? What if I’m not a Christian or even a very spiritual person – will you still be a fit for me?
Yes, we will. Cultivate Counseling is a faith sensitive counseling center, meaning we take our lead from the client on whether she would like to integrate faith into her counseling process. We welcome and meet each client wherever she is in her journey.