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Fresh Air: Strength and Support for Loved Ones of Addicts and Alcoholics

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about a family member or friend struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? Are you often confused about how to help them? Is this relationship a significant source of stress in your life? This 6 week group will provide a confidential and supportive space to process the many strong emotions that come with loving an addict or alcoholic. We will discuss strategies for setting healthy boundaries, as well as emphasize self-care and loving detachment.

Led by:  Andi O’Bryan, LCSW

When: Thursdays 6:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m. April 11 -May 16

Fee: $40.00 per week

Where: Cultivate Counseling
3525 Piedmont Road
Building 7, Suite 408

Atlanta, GA 30305

Building Connection

Do you feel stuck in a toxic relationship? Do you ever feel like your happiness is tied to someone else's wellbeing?  Is it easy for you to lose your self in your relationships? This eight week group is for women who wish to establish greater health in their relationships. The group will provide support and skills around topics such as self worth, boundaries, and healthy vulnerability. 

Led by:  Sarah Collins, MDiv., MS, APC, NCC

Women in Ministry Support and Self-Care Group

Clergy, chaplains, and women in other ministry roles, we have created a space just for you!  Join us for an eight week group where we will have the opportunity to connect and share with one another. Each session will include a combination of group discussion and self care practices and discussion will include topics such as compassion fatigue, resilience, and self compassion. 

Led by:  Sarah Collins, MDiv., MS, APC, NCC

Learning Your Type: Introduction to the Enneagram

Have you ever wondered why you like some people while others rub you the wrong way? Learning the Enneagram will give you the answer! There are nine different ways people view the world. Learning the way you view the world and the way the people you love view the world differently is guaranteed to improve your relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Cultivate is thrilled to partner with Emily Wingfield, Enneagram Coach and Founder of Enneagram with Emily for the enlightening and entertaining class that will help you understand why you do the things you do. Emily’s teaching style is rich with personal stories and anecdotes about how Enneagram patterns show up in everyday experiences. The class uses The Road Back to You book as well as handouts and follow up emails with further links and articles to help you learn how your core motivations affect your behavior.

Led by:  Emily Wingfield, Enneagram Coach and Founder of Enneagram with Emily

Rediscovering Your Anchor: A Group for Motherless Daughters

Rediscovering Your Anchor is an eight week group for women who are grieving the loss of their mother. While each woman's relationship to her mother is unique, the role of a mother in a woman's life is profound, and this form of loss often carries a particular weight and significance.  Whether you lost your mother years ago or more recently, this group will provide resources and support regardless of where you find yourself in this grief journey. 

Led by:  Sarah Collins, MDiv., MS, APC, NCC


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